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Private Care

Ensures your love ones have all their necesities at an elite level. At your convenience, we have created a selection of packages that cover the different needs. Elite Sunshine Care, Elite Moonlight Care, and Elite Wellness Check-in.   

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Request a Personal Care Aid

Know of someone you would like to care for your love one, please have them fill out an application. Our office runs background checks and conducts an extensive employee verification process, we can not guarantee the request can be fulfilled until the process is successfully completed. Please allow unto 7-8 business days for the completion of the process.

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Elite Sunshine Care

Wake up with Elite Angel Home Care to start your day! The Elite Sunshine Care Package promises to provide your love one with a fruitful morning routine. The minimum for this service starts at 4 hours, to help maintain a consistent and healthy routine.

  • Assistance with grooming, bathing, and dressing

  • Meal preparation

  • Medications

  • Light Housekeeping

  • Errands

  • Transportation

  • Companionship

  •  For those who are able, engagement in Physical, Social and Cognitive Activity

Seniors Socializing

Elite Moonlight [Tuck-in-bed] Care

Wind down with Elite Angels Home Care's Moonlight Care Package. Our well equipped Health​ Aid Staff will provide help in all areas of a daily night time routine to help the client sleep in comfort. This pacakge is available with 2 hour minimum. We believe sleep is an important factor for faster healing and a healthy body, here are some ways we showcase that.

  • Evening Meal Preparation

  • Medication Assistance

  • Assistance with Oral care

  • Medical and Non-medical preparation for sleeping 

Taking a Shower

Elite Wellness Check-in Service

Have apeace of Mind that your familymember or friend is being serviced and cared for. With our Elite Wellness Package, our staff is dedicated to ensuring your love one is receiving the care the deserve. This include facility check-ups with observation of daily routine, checking of vital signs, and evaluations of medicine management. The minimum for this service starts at 4 hours, to help maintain a consistent and healthy routine. Other Wellness aids we provide but are not limited are:

  • Reducing fall risks

  • Checking for expired or spoiled food

  • Observing and checking cognition and mental status

  • Recommendation for community resources

  • Observe & Report to family members

Checking Blood Pressure
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